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AnalystX Academy

The AnalystX Academy will upload new learning material from organisation periodically. This will ensure new learning material is available for our learners and community members.

Current Members:

  • Suki Panesar - NHS England
  • Alex Cheung - NHS England
  • Sarah Blundell - NHS England
  • Victroia Cornelius - NHS England
  • Alex Bosche - NHS England

Strategic partners:

Principles and aims of the AnalystX

  • Work on problems that matter to patients and staff
  • Use existing data
  • Create repeatable, relevant and scalable solutions
  • Collaborate
  • Build diverse, vibrant and inclusion ecosystem to empower further innovation in advanced analytics in health and care

Communities of Practice

We are keen to support new communities in development of existing networks. Please get in touch if you would like support the development of the Process Mining Centre of Excellence. – email for more information.